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Eye injuries

Eye injuries can range from relatively trivial, such as irritating the eye with shampoo, to extremely serious, resulting in permanent loss of vision.
Eye injury symptoms
Symptoms of eye injuries include eye pain, tearing and blurred vision
Causes of eye injuries
Eye injuries have a number of different causes, such as: a blow to the eye – from a blunt object, a sports injury, a fall or a fight, foreign bodies
Diagnosing eye injuries
In some cases of eye injuries your GP may be able to carry out the diagnosis. But if the eye injury is more serious your GP may refer you to an ophthalmologist.
Treating an eye injury
If chemicals are involved in the eye injury, flush your eye thoroughly using clean water or sterile fluid for at least 20 minutes.
Complications of eye injuries
A rare and serious complication of an eye injury is that the injury makes the eye vulnerable to bacteria and an infection takes hold inside the eye
Preventing eye injuries
Always make sure that you wear the appropriate safety eyewear for your occupation.
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