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Gallbladder removal

Everything you need to know about Gallbladder removal including why and how it is done, the risks and your choices, with links to other useful resources.
How a gallbladder removal is performed
Read about how a gallbladder is removed (cholecystectomy), using either laparoscopy or open surgery.
Complications of a gallbladder removal
Complications of a gallbladder removal include post-surgical infection, bleeding and injury to the bile duct
Recovering from a gallbladder removal
Read about recovering from having surgery to remove your gallbladder (cholecystectomy), including side effects, how long it takes to get back to normal and driving after surgery.
'I was having my appendix out and the surgeon spied the gallstones - all 19 of them'
Read the real story of Phyllis Long, who had surgery to remove her gallstones after doctors discovered 19 of them when removing her appendix.