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Hydronephrosis is a condition where one or both kidneys become stretched and swollen as a result of a build-up of urine inside the kidney(s).
Symptoms of hydronephrosis
The symptoms of hydronephrosis will depend on whether the urine blockage occurred quickly (acute hydronephrosis) or gradually (chronic hydrophenosis).
Causes of hydronephrosis
Common causes of hydronephrosis include kidney stones, cancer or pregnancy. Antenatal hydronephrosis is often caused by slow development.
Diagnosing hydronephrosis
Hydronephrosis is usually diagnosed using an ultrasound scan. Further tests may be needed to find out the cause of the condition.
Treating hydronephrosis
If you have hydronephrosis, your treatment will depend on what is causing the condition and how severe the urinary blockage is.
Complications of hydronephrosis
In cases of severe hydronephrosis that are not treated promptly, scarring of the kidney can occur. In serious cases this can lead to kidney failure.