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Kidney stones

Find everything you need to know about kidney stones including causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, with links to other useful resources.
Symptoms of kidney stones
If you have a kidney stone that is very small, it is unlikely to cause many symptoms. It may even go undetected and pass out painlessly when you urinate. This
Causes of kidney stones
The exact cause of kidney stones cannot always be found, although they are usually formed following a build-up of a substance in the body, such as: calcium:
Diagnosing kidney stones
Your GP will usually be able to diagnose a kidney stone from: your symptoms your medical history, particularly if you have had kidney stones before 
Treating kidney stones
If you have a kidney stone, the type of treatment that you will need will depend on the type of kidney stone that you have. Most kidney stones will be small
Complications of kidney stones
Complications that develop as a result of kidney stones are rare because, in most cases, kidney stones are identified and treated before problems can
Preventing kidney stones
To avoid getting kidney stones, make sure that you drink plenty of water each day to avoid becoming dehydrated. It is very important to keep your urine