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A mastectomy is an operation to remove the breast.
Why a mastectomy may be necessary
A mastectomy is mainly used as a treatment for breast cancer or as a way of preventing breast cancer developing.
Before your mastectomy
Before having a mastectomy, you can discuss the procedure with a nurse or surgeon.
How a mastectomy is performed
There are several different types of mastectomy, depending on the areas that are removed.
Recovering from a mastectomy
Many people who have a mastectomy recover well after the procedure and do not develop complications.
Complications of a mastectomy
In most cases, recovery from a mastectomy is straightforward and without complications.
'I wouldn't have changed my decision at all'
Emma Duncan was diagnosed with breast cancer twice in four years, once in each breast.
'After surgery it was brilliant to see a breast there again'
Pauline Polley, from Dorset, had a mastectomy after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a breast reconstruction 18 months later.