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Stomach cancer

Stomach cancer, or gastric cancer, is a relatively uncommon type of cancer that affects about 7,300 people each year in the UK.
Symptoms of stomach cancer
Many symptoms of stomach cancer are similar to less serious conditions, so it can be difficult to recognise in the early stages.
Causes of stomach cancer
Stomach cancer is caused by changes in the cells of the stomach, although it's unclear exactly why these changes occur.
How stomach cancer is diagnosed
If you have symptoms that could be a sign of stomach cancer, see your GP as soon as possible.
Treating stomach cancer
Treatments used for stomach cancer depend on how far the cancer has spread and your general health.
Living with stomach cancer
A diagnosis of cancer is a tough challenge for most people, but support is available to help you cope.
'It hadn't occurred to me there could be anything else wrong'
During treatment for a stomach ulcer, Deborah Knifton was devastated to find out that she had stomach cancer. This was followed by surgery to remove her stomach.
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Coping with cancer
Here, people who have been through cancer treatment talk about what kept them going and the practicalities of