2nd Floor, Wilberforce Court, Alfred Gelder Street, Hull, HU1 1UY


1.0 Apologies for absence

2.0 Minutes of the previous meeting – 28 February 2014

3.0 Matters arising from the Minutes / Action list

4.0 Notification of Any Other Business


10.1 Any Other Business

10.2 Date and Time of Next Meeting: Friday 30th May 2014 at 09:30 in the Boardroom at Wilberforce Court, Alfred Gelder Street, Hull, HU1 1UY


5.1 Declarations of Interest

5.2 Gifts and Hospitality

5.3 Chair and Chief Officer Report

5.4 Revised Terms of Reference

Quality and Performance

6.1 Patient Stories – Longhill Lunch Club

6.2 Business Intelligence Report including Annual Accounts Update

6.3 Safeguarding Children and Adults Update Report


7.1 Hull 2020 Update

7.2 Operational Plan Update including Finance Plan

7.4 East Hull Community Facility Update

7.5 Organisational Development Strategy

Standing Items

8.1 Quality and Performance Committee Chair’s Update Report 20th March 2014

8.2 Planning and Commissioning Committee Chair’s Update Report

8.3 Integrated Audit and Governance Committee Chair’s Assurance Report 11th March 2014

Reports for information only

9.1 Planning and Commissioning Committee Approved Minutes 5th February 2014 and 5th March 2014

9.2 Quality and Performance Committee Approved Minutes 13th February 2014 and 20th March 2014

9.3 Integrated Audit and Governance Committee Approved Minutes 14th January 2014

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