2nd Floor, Wilberforce Court, Alfred Gelder Street, Hull, HU1 1UY

0.1 Agenda

1.0 City of Culture Presentation

2.0 Apologies for Absence

3.0 Minutes of the Previous Meeting – 30th May 2014

4.0 Matters Arising from the minutes

5.0 Notification of Any Other Business

Reports for information only

10.1 Use of Seal

10.2 Quality and Performance Committee Approved Minutes 24 April 22 May 2014

10.3 Planning and Commissioning Committee Approved Minutes 07 May and 04 June 2014

10.4 Integrated Audit and Governance Minutes of 13 May 2014 are not yet approved and will therefore be submitted to the next meeting

10.5 Research and Development Annual Report

10.6 Infection, Prevention and Control Annual Report 2013/14

10.8 Quality Accounts

10.9 Quality and Performance Committee Annual Report


6.1 Declarations of Interest

6.2 Gifts and Hospitality

6.3 Chair and Chief Officer Report

6.4 Quality and Performance Committee updated Terms of Reference

6.5 Audited Annual Accounts Letter

Quality and Performance

7.1 Taking Francis Forward

7.2 Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust update of Referral to Treatment

7.3 Business Intelligence Report including Finance

7.4 Safeguarding Children and Adult Strategy


8.1 Hull 2020 Update

8.2 NHS Hull CCG Strategic Plan Submission

8.3 East Hull Community Facility Update

8.4 Community MSK Mobilisation update

8.5 Update on the Mobilisation of the Depression and Anxiety Service and Front Door Service

8.6 Primary Care Co-Commissioning Expression of Interest

8.7 Communications and Engagement Strategy 2014-17

Standing Items

9.1 Quality and Performance Committee Chair’s update Report

9.2 Planning and Commissioning Committee Chair’s Update Report

9.3 Integrated Audit and Governance Committee Chair’s Assurance Report

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