The Maltings, Silvester Square, Silvester Street, Hull, HU1 3HA


1.0 Apologies for Absence

Director of Commissioning and Partnerships

2.0 Minutes – To approve the CCGB Part 1 Minutes of May 2013 as a true and correct record and to authorise the Chair to sign them

4.1 Reporting of Emergency Motions – In accordance with Standing Order 3.2 (3), no business shall be transacted at this meeting other than specified on the Agenda of Emergency Motions allowed under Standing Order 3.6. Emergency Motions must receive prior approval from the Chair.

Chair to report Emergency motions approved and reason fro urgency. Such Items to be discussed at agenda item 9.1

4.2 Declarations of interest – In accordance with the CCG Constitution and Standards of Business Conduct, members are reminded of the need to declare (i) any interests which are relevant and material to the CCG, (ii) any changes in interests previously declared, and (iii) any pecunary interest (direct or indirect) in any items of Part 1 or 2 of the agenda.

4.3 Gifts and Hospitality

(a) To remind members of the need to declare the offer and acceptance / refusal of any gifts and hospitality in the CCG’s public regster, and

(b) To note that since the last meeting, the declarations made in 4.3 have been made

4.4 Hull Teaching PCT Annual Audit letter

4.5 Procurement Update

4.6 Planning and Commissioning Committee Annual Report

5.1 Quality Annual Report

5.2 Safeguarding Children Annual Report

5.3 Safeguarding Adults Annual Report

5.4 Recommendations from the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry Report – Francis 2

5.5 Business Intelligency Framework

5.6 Business Intelligence Report including Finance

6.1 Programme Progress Report – Planned Care and Unplanned Care

6.2 East Hull Community Facility Update

6.3 Maternity Services Commissioning Strategy

7.1 Quality and Performance Committee Chair’s Update report

7.2 Planning and Commissioning Committee Chair’s Update Report

7.3 Integrated Audit and Governance Committee Chair’s Assurance Report

8.1 Use of Seal 1 April – 17 July 2013

8.2 Planning and Commissioning Committee Approved Minutes

8.3 Quality and Performance Committee Approved Minutes

8.4 Integrated Audit and Governance Committee Approved Minutes

8.5 Exceptional Treatment Panel Annual Report

9.1 Discussion of Emergency Motions (if applicable)

9.2 Next Meeting: 09:30am Friday 25 October 2013

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