2nd Floor, Wilberforce Court, Alfred Gelder Street, Hull, HU1 1UY


0.1 Printable Agenda

2.0 Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 22 May 2015

3.0 Matters Arising from the Minutes

4.0 Notification of Any Other Business


5.1 Declarations of interest

5.2 Gifts and Hospitality

5.3 Chair and Chief Officer Activity Reports

5.4 Annual Audit Letter

5.5 Annual Declarations of Members Interest

5.6 Integrated Audit and Governance Committee Terms of Reference

5.7 Quality and Performance Committee Terms of Reference

5.8 Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference

5.9 Planning and Commissioning Committee Terms of Reference

Quality and Performance

6.1 Annual Controlled Drugs Report 2014/15

6.2 Equality and Diversity Annual Report

6.3 Individual Funding Requests Annual Report 2014/15

6.4 Planning and Commissioning Annual Report

6.5 Integrated Audit and Governance Committee Chair’s Annual Report

6.6 Quality and Performance Committee Annual Report

6.8 Communications and Engagement Annual Report 2014/15

6.9 Business Intelligence Report


7.1 Hull 2020 Programme Update

7.2 Health, Safety and Wellbeing Strategy

7.3 Hull Integrated Care Centre Outline Business case and Consultation Report


8.2 CCG Values and Behavioural Framework

8.3 NHS Pensions Employer Charter

Standing Items

9.1 Planning and Commissioning Committee Chair’s Update Reports

9.2 Quality and Performance Committee Chair’s Update Reports

9.3 Integrated Audit and Governance Chair’s Update Report

9.4 Primary Care Joint Commissioning Committee Update Report

Reports for information only

10.1 Planning and Commissioning Committee Approved Minutes 26.05.15 and 03.06.15

10.2 Quality and Performance Committee Approved Minutes 26.05.15

10.3 Integrated Audit and Governance Committee Approved Minutes 21.04.15, 12.05.15 & 21.05.15

10.4 Primary Care Joint Commissioning Committee Approved Minutes 24.04.15

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