Non-emergency patient transport services

Non-emergency patient transport services provide transport to and from medical appointments for patients who have a condition that that prevents them from travelling by any other means.

The service provides eligible patients with safe and reliable NHS funded transport.

Non-emergency medical transport is for patients who:

  • have a medical condition that prevents them from travelling to hospital by other transport. This includes driving, walking, cycling, public transport, taxi or community/voluntary transport schemes, use of mobility cars or lifts from family, friends or carers.
  • have treatment with side effects that requires the support of specialist staff.
  • have a medical condition that might put them at risk from harm if they were to travel independently.
  • have health needs that require medical assistance during transport for example, oxygen access.

The service in Hull is provided by TASL. To see if you are eligible for the service or to book a journey call 0808 164 3780 or see the leaflet from TASL here.

Please note that if you are registered with an East Riding of Yorkshire GP, your medical transport will continue to be provided by Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

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