AGM 2014 - 15

Our AGM for 2014 - 15 was held on Thursday 10 Sept 2015, at the Albemarle Music Centre, Hull. The following films show the AGM presentations in full, plus the Q&A session which was held on the evening.

AGM Presentations

Dr Dan Roper, CCG Chair, Emma Latimer, Chief Officer and Emma Sayner, Chief Finance Officer give an overview of the current NHS landscape and myths surrounding the NHS, our ambitions as a CCG, and our financial position.  

Q&A Session

Our panel of health leaders; Dr Dan Roper, Emma Latimer, Emma Sayner, Dr James Moult and Sarah Smyth, took questions from members of the public. Members of the public were invited to submit questions prior to the evening, questions and comments were also taken from the floor. 

2014 - 15 Annual General Meeting presentations

The AGM and Q&A session was also Tweeted live during the evening, so those not attending the event could follow proceedings. The Tweets are available here