Better Care Fund in Hull

Better Care in Hull is NHS Hull CCG and Hull City Council's shared vision of integrated services across local providers of health and social care. 

better oneOur Better Care in Hull plan, which outlines how we will deliver eight identified schemes to transform local health and social care, was originally submitted in 2014 and approved by NHS England.

Better Care in Hull focusses on services for older people in the first instance. We’ll look at how we can make it easier for older people to access health and social care support in their local communities whenever they need it.

The local vision described within the Better Care in Hull plan represents our shared aspirations for Hull and individual case examples illustrate how this plan will look, feel and impact on both the people living in the city and the people working together to provide integrated health and social care.

Older people in Hull have told us that it’s important to them to be able to stay in their own homes and remain independent for as long as possible; this will be at the centre of any service we provide. As we move into 2017 we will continue to engage with people who use services and develop our Better Care in Hull plan for 2017-2020.

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