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Community Physiotherapy, Pain Management/Musculoskeletal Services

This page aims to give you information about pain and the help and services that are available to you should you need them.

Pain is a common reason why people visit their GP. Treating the disease or condition that causes pain often resolves the problem. Sometimes however the cause of pain is not entirely clear and pain can then persist.

Healthshare Hull Community Musculoskeletal (MSK) Services provider for Hull patients

HealthshareHull is a one-stop service for all joint and muscle problems including back and neck pain. They have the full range of therapists and specialists to make sure you get the right help when you need it.

As a physio provider, Healthshare Hull can help address a range of aches, pains and joint problems. You can self-refer to Healthshare Hull or be referred by your GP practice. For further information, please click the link below:

Acute pain

Acute pain is often used to describe pain when it is recent and lasts a limited time. It reduces over time and can be brief. Acute pain can often be easily self-managed (without the need to go to your GP or local A&E department) and a visit to your local pharmacist can often help.

Chronic pain

Pain that persists for more than three months, or beyond the normal course of a disease or expected time of healing, is often defined as chronic pain. Chronic pain is accompanied by physiological and psychological changes such as sleep disturbances, irritability, medication dependence and frequent absence from work. Emotional withdrawal and depression are also common, which can strain family and social interactions.
The goal of treatment for chronic pain is to make pain tolerable and to improve functionality and quality of life.
It is important if you are unsure what is causing the pain, or if you have been experiencing pain for a long time, to visit your GP so that they can ensure nothing serious is causing it.

Pain services

If you do visit your GP, you and your GP will discuss the best way to manage your pain. It may be that you need to access a particular health service which can then help you with your pain.
We have two community pain management providers - the Chronic Pain Management Service and Humber Community Pain Service. These services have pain nurses, physiotherapists and consultants to help manage your pain and prevent you having to go into hospital.

City Health Care Partnership Chronic Pain Management Service

Humber Community Pain Service

Your GP may decide that, if the pain is severe or cannot be managed by our community services, you may need to visit specialist pain services in hospital. If this is the case, your GP will give you a choice of hospital.