What we do

NHS Hull CCG has responsibility for the commissioning of health services to meet the reasonable needs of the people of Hull. Its vision is to create a healthier Hull, and in order to achieve this it works in close collaboration with its partners to improve health, reduce health inequality and secure excellent services for all the communities in Hull.

The health challenge

Hull is an area with high levels of deprivation and, as such, there are marked health inequalities. For example:

  • 34% of adults across the city smoke
  • 70% men and 61% women are overweight or obese
  • There are just over 53,000 binge drinkers and a further 18,700 higher risk drinkers
  • Life expectancy is low, at an average of 75.7 years for men and 80.2 years for women, compared with the national averages of 78.6 and 82.6 years respectively

... but progress is being made

  • Hull’s teenage pregnancy rate is now at the lowest it’s been since 1969
  • The celebrated ‘Fit Fans’ weight management programme has supported 2000 people completing the course to lose a combined total of 13770.2 lbs
  • Access to a NHS dentist in the city is now widely available