Our procurement and contracts

NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is responsible for commissioning (buying) healthcare services that meet the needs of our population. In commissioning these services, NHS Hull CCG has a clear responsibility to:

  • Ensure we make decisions and commission services in a fair and open way;
  • Ensure we are getting value for money; and
  • Meet the healthcare needs of our population.

Our local services are run by a range of organisations, known as “providers”. The majority of our providers are from within the NHS. Some services are commissioned from independent providers, social enterprises and the voluntary and community sector. This range makes sure we offer high quality services.

Before a service is commissioned we go through a formal and legally regulated procurement process. Procurement is the act of identifying the best provider for that particular service. When we are procuring a service we ask all interested providers a number of questions to show us how they will meet patient need. They submit their answers and evidence in a bid. We evaluate and score the bids and we use this information to fairly and transparently decide which provider is the most suitable to deliver that service.

Once the provider has been identified, there are a number of legal steps we have to follow before they sign a contract to deliver the service. The contract is our agreement with the provider about what they will do, how we will measure them and any payments they will receive. The contract also includes how they will meet legal requirements such as equality and diversity.

The main health providers in Hull are:

Further information about our current contracts can be seen here.

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