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Plans for a new health facility in west Hull are being discussed, with the aim of housing GPs, community services and a pharmacy under one roof.

Springhead Medical Centre in Willerby Road has a growing practice population and ideas are being explored to create new fit-for-purpose facilities to ensure patients are treated in the best environment for years to come.

Although plans are still in their infancy, the Wymersley Park area of west Hull has been suggested as a possible location and health officials behind the proposals have organised two drop-in sessions later this month for local residents and patients to find out more, as well as seek feedback to help shape the scheme.

Dr Matt de Hoest, Partner at Springhead Medical Centre, said: “We want to continue to provide local services to local people.

“We are a big practice, growing all the time, and we are keen for people not to have to travel for health services such a warfarin clinics, community services and physiotherapy.

“It’s not about providing services to attract new patients to the area. It’s about providing better services for people who are already living in the area.

“There is a real need to cater for the practice population we have and we want to know what people think.

“We get regular feedback through our monthly Friends and Family Test and we are already listening to what people want.

“We got more than 100 responses in the Friends and Family Test when we asked about what people would like to see in the building, from a bigger reception and drinks machine, to NHS podiatry and a pram park.

“People have been really clear about their wishes and we look forward to hearing more.”

Aiming to create a resilient primary healthcare service for the future, NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Springhead Medical Centre, Springhead Patient Participation Group (PPG) and development partner Citycare are currently exploring the options for the new facility.

Geoff Day, Hull CCG’s Director of New Models of Care, said: “We have been working with general practices in Hull over the last 12 months to ensure we have sustainable, high quality primary care services now and in the future.

“One of our main priorities is for people to receive care in modern premises that meet current quality standards.

“Springhead Medical Centre is an outstanding GP practice providing medical services for more than 16,000 patients.

“The proposed new facility will meet its future growth needs. But it will be far more than a GP surgery, integrating an extensive range of community health services, social care and voluntary services together on a single site.

“We recognise how important this new development is for people in this part of Hull and we look forward to discussing the plans with them at the forthcoming public events.”

Following the drop-in sessions in July, further sessions are being planned for August to present feedback on the public views and thoughts shared this month.

Tim Wigglesworth, Chief Operations Officer at Citycare, said: “It all comes back to the CCG’s city-wide GP Blueprint to create resilient primary care.

“We are working with everyone involved to look at what that solution means in estate terms and early development work is underway to look at sites, designs and consultations with key stakeholders for the potential scheme.

“There are several reasons why we are looking at this, including growing demand and more pressure on primary care services and GPs, increasing health activity and an ageing population.

“A health facility would help to manage large patient lists where several GPs are in one building.

“We are supporting these objectives and looking at early options in the west of the city with an open mind.”

Springhead Medical Centre has recently become the first practice in East Yorkshire to be deemed “outstanding” by health regulator the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The practice’s PPG has played an active part in plans and discussions for a new facility to date.

Ron Black, Chair of Springhead Medical Centre PPG, said: “We have been heavily involved with this scheme for over three years, trying to obtain better facilities for the practice.

“We carried out a survey of patients and 94% were in favour of a new medical facility for Springhead.

“We recognise the absolute need for a new facility to both maintain and enhance the quality of services provided by Springhead Medical Centre, which we now cannot see being achieved in the current facility.

“The PPG are 100% behind this new scheme and we look forward to meeting patients and local residents at the forthcoming public consultation events.”

Drop-in sessions will be held at:

  • Wednesday, July 13 – Springhead Golf Course, Willerby Road, Hull, HU5 5JE 2pm-7pm
  • Wednesday, July 20 – Veteran’s Pavilion, Willerby Road, Hull, HU5 5JE 2pm-7pm

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