From 1 July 2022, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) will be dissolved, and Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) will take over the responsibility for NHS functions and budgets. We will become part of NHS Humber and North Yorkshire ICB. You can continue to use this website to find the information you need, which remains relevant for the Hull area.

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The next stage in the development of a new mental health service for young people in Hull, the East Riding of Yorkshire, North and North East Lincolnshire takes a major step forward today as organisations with specialist mental health care experience are now able to bid to provide this vital new service.  The service will consist of general adolescent beds with co-located psychiatric intensive care beds (11 beds in total) to serve young people living in the locality.

During the summer, NHS England invited young people and their families who have experience of mental health services to inform the new mental health service proposal for the area and this feedback will be used to ensure that the new service reflects as far as possible the needs and wants of patients and carers. We will also be inviting young people and their carers to help us to evaluate the bids so they are involved in every step of the process..

Robert Cornall Regional Director of Specialised Commissioning, NHS England North said:

“The announcement of the commencement of the procurement is an important step forward in the development of this new service for young people living in this area.  The consultation events provided valuable information in helping commissioners understand the experience that children, young people and families have. This feedback has helped to shape the procurement documentation to ensures the new service is centred around making tangible differences to the experience of children and young people in relation to their mental health and emotional wellbeing.“

The Humber area is the first of the geographical areas in Yorkshire and Humber to begin this process. A detailed piece of work has been carried out to assess the number of general adolescent and psychiatric intensive care beds required across each geographical location of Yorkshire and Humber.   The process and timescales for the areas of West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and York and South Yorkshire will be announced shortly.

This invitation to run this specialised service aims towards the awarding of a contract to the preferred bidders by mid 2017



Notes to Editors

  • The procurement documentation can be viewed at: reference PQQ_331. The deadline for responses will be 17:00hrs on Friday 20th January 2017.
  • Tier 4 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) General Adolescent Services deliver tertiary level care and treatment to young people with severe and/or complex mental disorders. Services are provided for young people between 13th and 18th birthdays with a range of mental disorders (including depression, psychoses, eating disorders, severe anxiety disorders, emerging personality disorder) associated with significant impairment and / significant risk to themselves or others such that their needs cannot be safely and adequately met by community Tier 3 CAMHS. This includes young people with mild learning disability and Autism Spectrum Disorders who do not require Tier 4 CAMHS Learning Disability Services.
  • Tier 4 CAMHS Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (PICU). PICU needs to be co-located with Tier 4 CAMHS General Adolescent Units. Tier 4 CAMHS Adolescent Psychiatric Intensive Care beds will be provided for young people who are in an acutely disturbed phase of a serious mental illness.
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