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Clinicians in Hull are urging expectant mothers to protect themselves and their baby against flu by being vaccinated this winter.

In England 1 in 11 maternal deaths are attributed to flu or complications arising from the virus. Worryingly the uptake of the vaccine is low across Hull; putting women and babies at risk.

Dr Amy Oehring, local GP and clinical lead for the NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Maternity strategy, said:

“It’s very important that all pregnant women consider the vaccination, to protect themselves and their babies no matter which stage of pregnancy they are at.”

Expectant mothers can be vaccinated against the flu vaccination at any stage of pregnancy.

Being vaccinated protects expectant mothers from flu and also means baby will be protected against the virus from birth.

Dr Dan Roper, NHS Hull CCG Chair, said:

“Any illness during pregnancy can be more serious and result in complications. Being vaccinated will protect you and your baby, who will be born with immunity to flu.”

Flu can be dangerous for new-borns and vaccinating during pregnancy is the most effective, and only way, of protecting your baby against this illness.

The vaccination is available for free and can be received from your GP practice, or local pharmacies and for pregnant women who attend the Hey Baby Carousel, held on the last Wednesday of every month, 6-8 pm at the Hull Women and Children’s Hospital.

The flu vaccination is available between September and February each year; pregnant women are encouraged to get the vaccination every year, regardless of whether or not they have had it before.

To find out more the flu vaccine and to see other people who are eligible for a free jab, visit:

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