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A new website has been launched to help people living in Hull to improve their heart health.

The website, Healthy Hearts, has been designed to help people reduce their risk of stroke and heart attack, and to help lower the number of people dying prematurely from cardiovascular disease.

Dr Dan Roper, NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group Chair said: “more than a quarter (26%) of all deaths in England in 2017 were caused by cardiovascular diseases – these are conditions affecting the heart or blood vessels.”

“Across the Humber, Coast and Vale area alone there are around 220,000 people diagnosed with high blood pressure, 32,000 people living with an irregular heartbeat and around 30,000 people having experienced a stroke or mini-stroke.”

The website, which has been created to help people living in not only Hull, but also the Humber, Coast and Vale region, contains a wealth of information about how people can reduce their risk of developing cardiovascular disease. It also features interactive tools, with users able to use the website to determine their high blood pressure risk.

Dr Roper added: “Keeping your heart healthy is the best way to lower your risk of dying prematurely from cardiovascular disease and doing so doesn’t have to be difficult. Small changes to diet and lifestyle can make a big difference to your heart health; the new Healthy Hearts website offers reliable information that you can trust around the best steps to take to look after your heart.”

The website forms part of joint efforts by healthcare organisations in the Humber, Coast and Vale area to reduce the number of people suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Alex Seale, Senior Responsible Officer for Planned Care at the Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership, said: “Heart disease remains a significant challenge for health organisations within the Humber, Coast and Vale area but one we are determined to overcome by working with healthcare professionals and members of the public alike to enhance cardiovascular disease education and improve cardiovascular disease detection.”

Finally, Dr Roper added: “It is never too late to start looking after your heart.”

Find out more by visiting the website:

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