We want to make sure that this website is accessible for everyone. The website offers full functionality in all modern browsers and devices including iPhone, Android and tablet devices.

Accessibility: using this website

We want to make sure our online information is available to everyone. This page details the different features we offer to help users with access needs navigate the website

If you have any difficulties, suggestions or find an area of the website hard to use, please email or call 01482 344700

Accessibility features are different for each web browser. To make this website easier to see, easier to use or easier to hear, you may need to amend settings on your web browser.

For information on accessibility features for your web browser, please see the following links:

Your operating system

For information on accessibility features for your operating system, please see the following links:


There is a google translate feature that you can find at the top of our home page. This will translate our website copy into any language in which you wish to view it.

If you have any language requirements that aren’t addressed by this please contact us by emailing or call 01482 344700 Please make clear what you need translating and which language you would like it in.

Accessibility statement

We are committed to improving this website and meeting accessibility standards. While we’re completing this work, you may encounter some limitations to how accessible the website it.

The PDF documents linked to this website may not be easily accessible. We are working to provide documents in a more accessible format where possible.

The videos on this website all have subtitles to ensure they are accessible by all. If you notice any videos without subtitles please let us know so that we can correct this. Email

If you need an easy read document that isn’t currently available on the website, please or call 01482 344700. If you have any difficulties accessing any area of our website, please do get in touch with us by or call 01482 344700We’re happy to hear from you and your feedback will help us make our site better.

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