What is a Cancer Champion?

The cancer champion programme has been established by the Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance.  It has been developed in partnership with the Care Trust Plus Group in Grimsby from their award winning programme.  The aim of the programme is to ensure that more people who have cancer in Humber, Coast and Vale are diagnosed at an earlier stage by improving general awareness and uptake of screening.

Almost 20,000 people in Humber, Coast and Vale are diagnosed with cancer each year; a rate significantly higher than the England average.

The cancer champion project, launched in Humber, Coast and Vale, aims to help support people to take charge of their own health and wellbeing and help those with potential signs or symptoms of cancer to get diagnosed and treated earlier.  Cancer champions are drawn from local people who use their experience, knowledge and passion to support friends, family and colleagues to seek help early if they suspect they have symptoms of developing cancer.

A cancer champion raises people’s awareness about cancer, by engaging people in conversation.  No skills, qualifications or any special knowledge of cancer is required to be a cancer champion.  It’s about real people talking to real people, and it does make a difference.  Cancer champions will receive a training session, supportive handbook and leaflets.  They will share their knowledge to reduce the risk of a person getting cancer and help prevent avoidable cancer deaths by encouraging people to take up cancer screening invitations or go to their GP if they have symptoms they are worried about.

There will be opportunities for cancer champions to become involved in their local communities and other programmes currently being developed by the Cancer Alliance.  For example:

  • Becoming a volunteer with a local community group to get more people talking about how to prevent cancer
  • Using experiences to talk about cancer prevention, even just with friends and family

Anyone interested in finding out more about the Cancer Champion programme should visit the Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance website at http://hcvcanceralliance.org.uk/cancerchampions/ or contact Emma Lewin by calling – 07519 120809 or emailing – eryccg.cancerchampion@nhs.net


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