Dev Corp Policies

Corporate Policies

The list below contains a list of all the CCG’s approved corporate policies. As part of the forward programme of the CCG, individual corporate policies are being reviewed and updated.

All policies have an associated EqIA. Where EqIAs are not shown as a separate link below they are embedded within the policy document. If you have any queries about a policy or an EqIA, please contact 01482 344700 or

Corporate policies

    Policies subject to review

    Subject to review

      CCG TUPE Transfer Policies

      These Policies have been transferred over from the Yorkshire and Humber Commissioning Support Unit under a TUPE/ COSOP transfer with effect from 1 December 2015.

      These policies will be reviewed by the Clinical Commissioning Group in due course. In the meantime any references to predecessor organisations, as the employing authority, should be read as “NHS Hull CCG” and will have effect as such. The policy will continue to apply as it did before transfer, with the exception of any practicalities that need amending in line with the CCG’s Governance arrangements, for example levels of delegated authority.

      Any reference to predecessor organisations, as an external provider of HR support, should be read as having being updated in line with the CCG’s current provider of HR support.


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