Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs / EqIAs)

We routinely conduct equality impact assessments on all policies, which can be found here. Note, where there is not a separate equality impact assessment link the EIA is incorporated into the body of the policy document.

We recently conducted a review of the equality impact assessment process across the commissioning function, which includes:

  • Strategy development
  • Service reviews
  • Services specifications
  • Business case development
  • Development of clinical policies
  • Procurement and contract management

It was recognised that EIAs needed to be strengthened to better capture what has already been done to promote equality, and to include more meaningful data and engagement on equality issues.

A new tool has been developed to support commissioners to conduct effective equality impact assessments, which was rolled out December 2016, with focused staff training taking place early in 2017.

Equality Impact Assessments for the Clinical Commissioning Group

EIA’s for Service Specifications can be seen below:

Clinical Peer Review EIA – Service Specification
Minor Surgery Service Review EIA

EIA’s for Policies can be found at under corporate policies here.

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