Kelvin Hall School

Why has Kelvin Hall School joined Working Voices?

“Kelvin Hall School are thrilled to have become a partner of NHS Working Voices. Our school recognises the importance of promoting staff well-being as a tool for cultivating success across our community. With positive staff well-being, we can create a school environment which ensures retention, teacher motivation which will then positively affect student well-being and attainment. Through our partnership with NHS Working Voices we aim to provide support for staff mental, physical and emotional well-being. Our staff now have the ability to ‘have their say’ in our local health services and to utilise a range of services some may not have even known existed.”

About Kelvin Hall School

Kelvin Hall School is an exciting and enjoyable place to learn, where relationships between staff and pupils are positive and happy. We are committed to providing teaching and learning opportunities of the highest possible standard. Our aim is to create a school community that achieves success by working together. We believe that Kelvin Hall is a place where people can thrive, talent can grow and community is promoted. We celebrate success and value all individuals.

Find out more about Kelvin Hall School here.

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