Breathe for Cameron

A Hull based charity, set up following the devastating loss of 10 year old Cameron in 2014, Breathe for Cameron aims to raise awareness of the potentially life-threatening condition which is Asthma, provide emergency inhaler equipment to schools and help more people understand how to manage the condition.

Breathe for Cameron want everyone to know how best to manage their symptoms of asthma, and have the equipment they need to deal with an asthma attack when it happens. If you would like to help spread the word, then contact us and tell us how you could help.


Breathe for Cameron and the Hull Homeless Community Project join forces.

After meeting at our of our Hull 2020 Champion meetings, Breathe for Cameron and the Hull Homeless Community Project have joined forces to provide hostels in Hull with spacers, Asthma attack aid memoirs and training to staff to help protect the vulnerable during their stay.

As the weather gets colder those suffering asthma who are living on the streets are even more at risk of suffering a life-threatening asthma attack, so the two charities are set to fundraise enough money to provide spacers and training to all hostels in the city.

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