Wilberforce College

The Seeds of Change project was launched in 2015 by creating an ‘Edible Campus’ with sponsorship gained from William Jackson Group. Bottle greenhouses and planted raised beds were created to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs across the Saltshouse Road site. With several additional successful funding bids from Hull Community Fund, KCOM Community Grant and the Big Lottery, the project has moved onto more ambitious plans. These include a ‘Pop up Pizza’ Company, run by students utilising produce grown at Wilberforce, a “Smooth Criminals” smoothie company producing healthy smoothies and a modular building known as ‘The Union’ which acts as a hub, a place where students can hold meetings, concerts and carry out entrepreneurial activities.

‘Seeds of Change’ hosted a community food festival ‘F-east’ last September, to which all Wilberforce students, local residents, primary school children, the elderly from nearby care homes and local businesses were invited. Future plans include creating a hydroponic system to grow food indoors all year round.

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