Personal Wheelchair Budgets

Personal Wheelchair Budgets

Personal Wheelchair Budgets were introduced to Hull in April 2018 and aim to increase choice and control for people who access wheelchair services through:

  • Providing holistic assessments that take into account people’s wider needs
  • Considering how wheelchair provision can increase independence and improve people’s health and wellbeing outcomes
  • Supporting people to identify their own health and wellbeing goals
  • Integrating services around individuals by bringing together care and support agencies
  • Increasing the availability of information about the choices available to people locally.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

All wheelchair users who have long term postural and mobility needs will be eligible for an assessment for a Personal Wheelchair Budget by the wheelchair service. Exclusions for a Personal Wheelchair Budget are:

  • Short term loan wheelchairs
  • Rapidly deteriorating or changing need (however these will be considered on a case by case basis)

How are Personal Wheelchair Budgets provided?

Wheelchair users will have three options for the provision of their chair through a Personal Wheelchair Budget:

  1. Notional Personal Wheelchair Budget (standard NHS provision)
    This means the provision of the wheelchair that would have routinely been provided by the NHS to meet your identified needs. There may be an opportunity to choose an alternative chair that is within the catalogue of chairs provided, if this better meets your needs at no additional cost e.g. a different colour.
  2. Notional Personal Wheelchair Budget with contribution
    This option allows a person or another agency (for example social care, access to work or voluntary or charitable organisation) to contribute their personal budget towards a higher specification NHS wheelchair or add additional features in order to meet wider health and wellbeing needs.
  3. Third Party Personal Wheelchair Budget
    This allows a person to use their personal budget as a contribution to buying a wheelchair from an independent retailer outside of the NHS. This is only available if the wheelchair is deemed clinically appropriate following a discussion with a wheelchair therapist.

More information on Personal Wheelchair Budgets can be found at and

How can I be assesed for a Personal Wheelchair Budget?

If you currently have a wheelchair provided by Hull Wheelchair Service, you can make a re-referral directly to the Wheelchair Service  on 03448 936 375.

If you do not currently have a wheelchair and would like to be assessed, a referral will need to be made to the Wheelchair Service, this can be done by either your GP or other professionals who may be involved in your care e.g. Occupational Therapist.

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