Patient Participation Groups

NHS Hull CCG and Healthwatch Kingston Upon Hull have been working together to develop a package of support for practices to implement and maintain a Patient Participation Group. At the most recent session the CGG made the following committed to provide the following:

  • A “PPG in a Box” resource
  • A year’s membership to National Association of Patient Participation (NAPP)
  • Monthly teleconference to support the development of virtual PPGs

PPG in a Box

This is a suite of templates to support the development of a PPG. The documents are designed to overcome some of the difficulties practices have mentioned as part of the joint work the CGG have been doing with Healthwatch Kingston Upon Hull. The documents include; Role descriptions, Terms of Reference, Code of conduct and Recruitment resources. Each document can be tailored to your individual practice needs, and you are able to edit and upload your own logos to them.

Click here to download the PPG in a Box resources. 

National Association of Patient Participation (NAPP) Membership

Established in 1978, N.A.P.P. is uniquely placed as the only UK umbrella organisation for patient-led groups in general practice. They provide essential support to GPs and practice teams through a range of evidence-based high-quality specialist resources developed from over thirty years of experience and formation of hundreds of Patient Participation Groups.

NHS Hull CCG has committed to providing a year NAPP membership to any Hull practice PPG’s that would like it. PPG’s that take up the free membership will be expected to send a PPG member (not a practice manager) representative to the CCG ambassador meetings.

For more information about NAPP and the benefits of membership please visit

NHS Hull CCG Ambassador Meeting

We would like to invite a PPG member (not a practice manager) representative to the CCG ambassador meetings; our ambassadors are members of the public who have volunteered to get involved in supporting the CCG’s engagement and public involvement work. Ambassadors meet regularly and support the CCG with engagement, procurement and their views and experiences of the services the CCG commissions.

For more information about the ambassador programme visit

Virtual PPG Support Teleconference

At the last support session, the CCG ran a workshop looking at setting up and running a Virtual PPG; they also do a monthly teleconference to support those planning to set up or develop a virtual PPG. The teleconference is an opportunity to discuss how the development is going, share ideas, experience of what has worked well and what hasn’t been as effective.

The teleconference is on the last Friday of the month between 3pm and 4pm.

Click here to download the virtual PPG PDF.

To get involved in any of the above, please contact Colin Hurst, Engagement Manager (Patients and the Public) 07738892938

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