Community ophthalmic referral refinement scheme (CORRS)

The Community Ophthalmic Referral Refinement Scheme (CORRS) allows Hull patients with certain symptoms to be seen free of charge at NHS approved, accredited opticians across the city. The list of CORRS opticians is below.

Patients suffering with one or more of the following symptoms can be seen for treatment, advice or onward referral as necessary:

  •          Red/irritable eyes
  •          Sore and painful eyes
  •          Sudden or recent vision changes
  •          Flashes and floaters

To use this service free of charge patients must be registered with a Hull GP and have one of the above eye problems. Patients do not need to register with the selected Opticians.

Patients can self refer without a visit to their GP by calling the optician (lists below). GPs and pharmacists may also refer patients to the scheme.

Routine optical check-ups will often pick up any causes for concern, but painful and irritating symptoms or sudden changes to vision should be looked into as an emergency.

If you have been suffering with any of the above symptoms contact one of the below opticians to be seen as part of CORRS:


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