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Our vision is to create a healthier Hull, and in order to achieve this we have a number of teams working on a variety of priorities.

On this page you will find information about our teams and a general overview of the work they do. We work closely and flexibly with our local GPs and health professionals. Whilst the CCG may be relatively small (less than 70 people work here) we have knowledgeable staff with a wide range of experience and skills to make sure we provide the best services possible for you.

If you require any further information, or want to contact one of the teams please contact us.

Senior Leadership Team

Accountable Officer Emma Latimer
Chair Dr Dan Roper
Interim Chief Operating Officer Erica Daley
Chief Finance Officer Emma Sayner
Consultant in Public Health Medicine and Associate Medical Director Dr James Crick
Director of Integrated Commissioning Vacant
Director of Quality and Clinical Governance / Executive Nurse Deborah Lowe
Associate Director of Communications and Engagement Sue Lee
Associate Director of Corporate Affairs Mike Napier

Communications and Engagement
The main responsibilities of this team include:

  • Providing and advertising information about CCG activity and health news to the general public.
  • Responding to enquiries from the general public and the media.
  • Consulting and engaging with the general public on CCG and NHS activities and news.
  • Providing advice and support for our staff.
  • Distributing internal communications.

Corporate Affairs
Key responsibilities for this team include:

  • Advising staff and our boards and committees about corporate governance.
  • Recording and managing organisational risks.
  • Developing resilient business continuity plans.
  • Managing medical and legal claims.
  • Ensuring Freedom of Information requests are processed according to requirements.
  • Offering risk management assurance.

Integrated Commissioning Team
This team:

  • Works in partnership with Hull City Council and other health and care partnerships.
  • Identifies and understands the clinical needs of the population.
  • Develops service outcomes and specifies the framework that services work within.
  • Monitors how services are working and identify changes required.
  • Supports service providers to develop their services to meet these needs.

New Models of Care
This team works closely with the Commissioning and Integration team and has a focus on:

  • Developing and implementing the CCG’s primary care strategy.
  • Working closely with GP practices to develop new ways of delivering services.
  • Supporting the development of the primary care workforce.
  • Ensuring the integration of services between primary care and community services.

Quality and Clinical Governance
The key responsibilities of this team are to:

  • Ensure services are safe, effective, provide good patient experience and continuously improve.
  • Identify and investigate areas of concern within the services we commission.
  • Actively seek patient feedback on health services and engage with all sections of the population with the intention of improving services.
  • Work with NHS England and support primary medical and pharmacy services to deliver high quality primary care.
  • Managing PALS (Patient advice and liaison service).
  • Review and investigate any patient or service safety concerns.
  • Support our safeguarding agenda to ensure patient and provider safety.
  • Working in partnership with the Local Authority and City Health Care Partnership to commission and manage NHS Continuing Healthcare and Personal Health Budgets.
  • To monitor and develop the quality of healthcare services being delivered by care homes, home care and supported living services.

This team is responsible for:

  • Planning, monitoring and reporting of CCG finances.
  • Contract negotiation, monitoring and management.
  • Performance management, monitoring and reporting, including business analytical support.
  • Project support including reporting the delivery for CCG commissioning programmes.
  • Leading CCG procurements and advising on procurement options.

Executive Secretariat and Administrative Support Team
The administration team support the CCG by:

  • Providing PA and corporate administrative support services.
  • Providing administrative support to corporate meetings.
  • Managing incoming telephone and email enquiries.
  • Providing reception services and be the point of contact for teams.

STP (Sustainability and Transformation Partnership)
The team supports the Humber, Coast and Vale STP by:

  • Developing strategies for the delivery of objectives set out in the Five Year Forward View.
  • Building and strengthening relationships between partner organisations.
  • Establishing the networks, groups and partnerships that will help us to achieve our goals.
  • Facilitating the development of place-based and region-wide plans.
  • Co-ordinating the development of action plans and bids for capital and revenue funding.
  • Engaging with stakeholders, including voluntary and community sector partners and the general public.

GP Practices
Our 45 GP practices work closely with us. Click here to see a list of their website addresses to learn more about their activities.

eMBED Health Consortium
eMBED Health Consortium supports us by providing a range of activities including:

  • Business Intelligence (data analysis)
  • Corporate IT
  • GP IT

North of England Commissioning Support
North of England Commissioning Support (NECS) provides us with clinical support including:

  • Medicines Optimisation (ensuring that medicines are prescribed efficiently and that patients use them correctly).
  • Individual Funding Requests (IFR).
  • DCSRO – Data Services for Commissioners Regional Offices (provides and processes data).
  • CEfF – Controlled Environment for Finance (ensures that the CCG is billed accurately for the treatment of its patients).

Our Executive Structure is here.

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