NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES)

We welcome the introduction of the NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) and see it as a useful tool to identify and reduce any disparities in experience and outcomes for NHS staff and job applicants of different ethnicities. This is important work as research evidence shows that improving workforce race equality in the NHS will lead to better healthcare for everyone and better use of NHS resources.

NHS Hull CCG has been working with local provider organisations and equality groups to ensure that WRES is implemented in a meaningful way.

Our WRES report can be viewed by downloading Equality Standard Report 2019 and downloading our equality delivery plan. This report describes any workforce inequalities linked to ethnicity in line with the WRES standards. Whilst we have submitted the detailed WRES report to NHS England, this is not published more widely due to small numbers of staff and data protection.

We have included actions related to the WRES in our local Equality and Diversity plan and we are planning to take part in a regional CCG WRES implementation group to fill any data gaps and to draw up an action plan describing interventions we will make to improve workforce race equality.

For further information please contact: Mike Napier, Associate Director of Corporate Affairs michael.napier@nhs.net

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