From 1 July 2022, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) will be dissolved, and Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) will take over the responsibility for NHS functions and budgets. We will become part of NHS Humber and North Yorkshire ICB. You can continue to use this website to find the information you need, which remains relevant for the Hull area.

How the champions started

The Champions launched in 2014 with the Coltman Street Lavender Project. Simon Kelsey of the Coltman Street Residents’ Association had the simple idea of planting lavender along the street to transform his local area and bring neighbours together.

NHS Hull CCG helped with the purchase of lavender bushes, as part of a pledge to support and empower communities to come forward with their own ideas to help build a better future for people living in Hull.

Local people supported the project and worked together to make Simon’s idea a reality.

Simon’s top tips for achieving change in your area are:

  • If you see something you want to change in your area, no matter how big or small, you can do it. The bigger the problem the more you break it down.
  • Small steps can lead to big change.
  • Take the opportunity presented to you by Hull Champions; it will help you get where you want to be.
  • Put your project out there; see if other people in the area feel the same way, they may want to help you.
  • Use the skills and talents you already possess, and build these into your project.
  • Recognise the steps you need to take and where you need help, i.e. a donation for lavender plants, then ask for that help.
  • Be aware of the bigger picture.

If you live or work in Hull, and have an idea around how to make ours a healthier city, then get in touch. Let’s create a healthier Hull together.


We supported Simon and his local community to work together.

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