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Looking for the main Hull 2020 Champions page? You can find it here.

A group of young Hull 2020 Champions will be asking Hull Fair revellers ‘how are you feeling?’ as part of an NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Hull City Council website launch.

The Hull 2020 Champions, a group of ten 17 – 18 year olds (pictured), are working to promote the website to their peers both at Hull Fair and online; giving away freebies, sharing Snapchat selfies and posting to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The website,, has been designed by the CCG and Council with young people, and aims to help youngsters across Hull know how to look after their emotional health, as well as where they can go to get help when things become too much.

Featuring an interactive quiz, ‘how are you feeling?’ visitors receive tailored information and advice based on their quiz answers and can browse a range of Hull specific information and advice. People visiting the website are also encouraged to share their story, to help other young people know they are not alone.

Megan Lawlor, 17, one of the Hull 2020 Champions involved in the project said: “I’m thrilled to be taking part in the ‘how are you feeling?’launch; helping to get the message out about good emotional health to my friends and other teenagers in Hull, and letting them know how the website can help if they’re feeling down or worried about their emotional health.”

The Hull 2020 Champion team will be based in the plaza area at the fair at various times over this weekend and next, handing out promotional wristbands with the web address on to children and young people. The team will also be asking people at the fair to share ‘how are you feeling?’ Snapchat selfies across social media using the hash-tag #howareyouHull and the web address to raise awareness of the new website.

Igor Placzkiewicz, 17, another of the Hull 2020 Champion team said: “We’re asking other teenagers to share their selfies and the web address social media as a way of raising awareness of the website with other people our age. They might not need it now, but they might in the future, and hopefully by doing something fun they will remember the web address if they do end up needing it.

Melanie Bradbury, Head of Vulnerable People, NHS Hull CCG said: “We hope that by working with a group of teenagers to promote the website, lots of children and young people in Hull will know that it is an invaluable resource that can help them if and when they need it.”

The website is also being promoted on social media by the group of Champions who have received mental health awareness and myth busting training provided by Mind Hull and East Yorkshire.

Melanie added: “I have to say a special thank you to our group of Hull 2020 Champions who are helping us to promote the website in their own time, alongside their studies. Their help is invaluable and will mean we can get the message out to children and young people across Hull, helping give them the emotional resilience they need to deal with everyday life and the information and advice they need if things aren’t going so great.”

Children, young people and parents can visit for more information and advice around being emotionally healthy; including top tips for good emotional wellbeing, practical advice for dealing with stress or low mood, and a whole host of other information and advice around what is available to youngsters in Hull and how to access it if they need it.

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