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The project has been running for five years now, we provide care and support the homeless and rough sleeper community in Hull. We provide them with clothing, warm attire, sleeping equipment, toiletries and this year are having a huge push on sanitary products for women. Everything that we hand out is donated and handed out by volunteers.

We also run regular events in Queens gardens to raise awareness and gain support, we call it the big hull homeless hangout and hand out. We provide food and friendship, many volunteers come along to spend 3-5 hours as a group with the rough sleepers talking and forming bonds.

Andrew organises the project almost single handed and needs help and support to implement new ideas and work out where the project goes from here. I need help to link up with Businesses in the area, people that can help me ensure the future and longevity of this project as well as more information on where the homeless people we meet can access further help.

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