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The University of Hull welcomed inspiring women from Hull and the region to a special event to mark the start of a citywide movement aimed at inspiring women and girls, from all walks of life, to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Inspiring a Generation brought together a diverse range of female leaders including those in healthcare, education, local government and the community and voluntary sector. During the morning, workshop guests shared their own personal life stories and career experiences.

Professor Susan Lea, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Hull, opened the event, paying tribute to the women who had enabled her to follow her dream to go to University: “I was the first in my family to go to University. I would never have got there without the networks of strong women who supported me.”

Guests were tasked with thinking about the issues affecting women: poverty and deprivation, health needs, education and employment, confidence and self-esteem.

Working in groups, guests highlighted several areas of focus for a proposed Inspiring a Generation movement, building on the many positive initiatives and activities already taking place in the region.  These included exploring mentoring options, offering more varied healthy lifestyle activities and the possibilities around supportive access to both education and employment.

During the event, Emma Latimer, NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group Chief Officer, launched the letters project – where guests were asked to write a letter of advice to their younger selves, with the aim of inspiring others to overcome issues and step out of their comfort zones.

Emma said: “The combined aim of the event and the letters project is that of empowering all women in Hull to not only reach for their wildest dreams and aspirations, but also recognise in themselves how they can inspire and mentor others.”

“We have come together to consider what we can directly influence – in our industries, organisations and personal lives – through the wider letters project we want to begin a movement which sees women in our city continue to be the best they can be, and take that even further, all whilst leading healthy and happy lives.”

A short film, featuring women and girls from Hull, offered the event guests the chance to hear first-hand about some of the realities for local women, from how they feel they have been perceived by friends and family, right through to how they see their future and life goals. Watch below:

If you would like to be involved in any part of Inspiring a Generation, please contact NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group on

Inspiring a Generation has been spearheaded by a number of female leaders in the city, namely: Professor Susan Lea, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Hull, Emma Latimer, NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Chief Officer, Jane Stafford, Hull University Union Chief Executive, Councillor Hester Bridges, Chair of the Hull Health and Wellbeing Board, The Right Reverend, Alison White, Bishop of Hull and Michelle Swithenbank Chief Executive Officer and Principal of Hull College Group.

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