Hull College

Why has Hull College joined Working Voices?

“As part of our organisation’s health and well-being strategy we are chartered signatures of the Mindful Employer, and joining the Working Voices initiative feels like a natural step in our journey to providing further support for our valued staff not only with an enhanced programme of health and well-being events and activities, but also access to up-to-date information on health care provision locally. Additionally, this initiative will enable our staff to have their voices heard on important local health issues direct to the CCG/NHS and alongside partners of Working Voices contribute to making a positive difference in our local community.”

About Hull College

Hull College Group is a large, multi-campus General FE college that provides education, including Higher Education and training leading to employment opportunities to thousands of students from 14 years of age upwards. We employ over 1000 staff across our campuses in a wide range of roles including teaching, support and administrative functions with a variety of  working patterns.

Find out more about Hull College here.

Pictured: David Greenway and Leonie Palmer, Members of Hull College Groups’ proactive well-being team and Sam Barlow, Engagement Manager (Business & Local Workforce) NHS Hull CCG

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