Working voices

Giving a voice to the silent majority

What is Working Voices?

Working Voices is an initiative which aims to unlock the potential of the ‘silent majority’ of the UK workforce – people who traditionally are not involved in engagement.

Those most often involved in engagement are people not in work, such as the elderly, unemployed or students. Efforts have previously been made to open up engagement to the workforce – which accounts for 70% of the population – with limited success.

Working Voices takes the opportunity to take engagement activities TO the workforce rather than expecting them to come to us. By capturing the views of the working population about changes within the NHS, Hull CCG can gain a valuable insight from this often ignored group.

The benefits to employees, employer and ourselves at NHS Hull CCG, speak for themselves:

  • Engaging with the workforce enables NHS Hull CCG to get a real insight into the views of the workforce in Hull so we can design appropriate services
  • This will help NHS Hull CCG to develop a deeper relationship with the local community
  • Working voices allows local employees to have their say on services and NHS consultations
  • This helps the public to understand how the NHS and other health services operate
  • Working Voices allows people working in Hull to take up the development opportunity to become a Workplace Ambassador or Champion
  • The programme will supports employers to create a happier, healthier and more empowered workforce
  • By engaging with us, it will make major decisions more transparent, and help local people working in the city to understand how we make these decisions


Click here to find out more about the businesses already signed up. 


Are you an employer who would like to get involved?

The process of becoming involved with working voices is quick and simple. The participating employer will be invited to complete an engagement profile, and we will look to use a variety of internal communication mechanisms to establish the best way of engaging with different staff groups in your organisation; for example through digital and social media channels or more traditional methods. 

Willing workplace Ambassadors or Champions will be recruited and trained to signpost colleagues to health services and health information; each of these will receive a toolkit and a local buddy to help them in their development role.

If you are an employer and you are interested in getting involved please email Samantha Barlow, Engagement Manager, on

Further information is available by clicking here.


Are you an employee?

If you're an employee and you would like your organisation to get involved with Working Voices, please contact Samantha Barlow, Engagement Manager, on to chat about the opportunities working voices would bring to your organisation. 

Further information is available by clicking here.